E-Commerce Features

We provide Total E-Commerce Outsourcing Service to our client.



Mobile Responsive
Our system supports all type of devices for your online store.

Easy Dashboard
We offer easy dashboard function to our customers and users.

User Friendly
Our system is very user friendly and easy for setting and control.

Custom Design
We will design and customised your online store according to your requirement.

Admin Dashboard

Sales Summary
Check your daily sales easily with our Admin Dashboard feature.

User Analytics
Know your customer behaviour. We provide user analytics which include demographic and gender data.

Product Editing
Our dashboard enable users to not only insert product image and desription but you can also edit the preferences such as price, sizes, colour variants.

Customise your shiping and delivery method just using our dahsboard features.

Set your periodically discount or promotion straight from the dashboard. You can also set a voucher coupon for your customers as well.


Seamless Integration
with other platform

Our expertise is to seamlessly integrate your existing online business be it in Shopee, Shopify, Lazada, Facebook Shop, Google Store and many others with your new E-Commerce platform.

We will also link your other social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp with your new E-Commerce website including the latest payment gateway.

Payment and social media integration: Image Image

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